Legal Consultation

When buying a property as an individual or as a corporate, for investment or personal use, you have to traverse through multiple technicalities on the legal front. You need the companionship of an expert in legal grounds and the laws of the nation to help you make a successful journey across the legal waters. SPC Realtors offer you the assistance of professionally qualified and well experienced legal experts, who can guide you in the right direction in legal matters when you are dealing with properties. Both the buyers and the sellers are often in need of seasoned professionals to help them in processing a real estate transaction. We take great pride to confirm that we have been providing legal assistance for our clients across property categories including residential acquisitions, commercial purchases, condominiums, resorts and much more. The legal consultations provided by SPC Realtors is not just cost efficient but is customized to fit your specific legal issues. We believe in delivering quality work across spectrums with legal consulting services being one among the list.

What Can We Do ?

The legal consulting services offered by SPC Realtors include but not limited to,

  • Due diligence on title documents
  • Certification check for building completion.
  • Contracts on maintenance
  • Plan approvals
  • Licenses for buildings and other construction related.
  • Title search for commercial projects
  • Abiding by the regulations of the local corporation, the state and the central property regulations

The objective of SPC Realtors is to provide solutions that are commercially viable ensuring that both the buyer and the seller are happy at the end of the transaction. We help dealing with legal disputes, minimizing any form of loss to the entities involved, and guiding you on the local regulations for having your property registered. We ensure that every property that is marked for sale on our website has been thoroughly checked for due diligence and probable legal issues. We check for the legality of the construction, the approvals required, etc. before the same is offered as part of our inventory. We also check for precedents for the builders before suggesting a property for your purchase. The legal consulting services at SPC Realtors help you to accomplish a smoother execution of buyer seller agreement, the sale deed for the property, documents for possession, registration of the property and much more.