SPC Project Disclaimer

  • Any information stated on the website of SPC Realtors is as provided by the developers of the respective individual projects. This includes information on the services offered in the project, the list of affiliations and related details, service standards, etc. The information can be presented in written, oral or visual format.

  • There are images and videos presented on the website which could be an artistic impression of the project and is as supplied by the developer of the project. The actual project may or may not vary from the impression. There might be inconsistencies between the actual property and the impression provided by the developers.

  • Also note that the representation of fixtures, furniture and other amenities in the form of images or videos are for illustration purposes only and may or may not be available on the actual property.

  • We strongly recommend you to do an independent validation of the property, verify the information, read the Terms and conditions on the offer document, perform due diligence before purchasing a property.

  • Under the Regulation and Development Act 2016 of Real estate, SPC Realtors are not involved in any “unfair trade practice” if any of the information quoted on the website about any properties turn out to be false. You are hereby agreeing to this as you peruse our website for property related information.

  • According to the Act, the developer of the property/ project owner has to register with the concerned authority. SPC Realtors do not guarantee the registration of the project owner or the property developer under the Act, when displaying such information on this website. There are chances that the registration has been revoked or denied by the concerned authority or there is already an action taken by the concerned authority for any compliance related issues. SPC Realtors are not responsible for the same.

  • SPC Realtors will contact you from time to time to take your feedback to improve user experience and also to share information that can help improve your value as a customer. You have the option to opt out of such communication though.

  • SPC Realtors (including owners, employees, agents and anyone who has an interest in) will not be responsible for
    o Any inaccurate or false information provided.
    o Any information not shared or omission.
    o Any action taken by you or others based on the information provided on this portal.
    o Any losses suffered by you or other persons based on the information on this portal.
    o Any act of the developers or omission of the developers which resulted in failure or breach on the project requirements.
    o Any omission or act by developers with respect to delivery of certain services or amenities or delay in delivery or project completion.
    o Revoke or denied registration of the project/developers/property or any other action that could possibly result in the same.

  • The disclaimer stated here is an addition to the existing disclaimers and condition as shared on the SPC Realtors website.